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Jerry Isenhower
3rd Dan
Black Belt
ihs Martial Arts is dedicated to helping Taekwondo Schools manage their operations, tournaments and training programs through the use of Information Technology.  Our first product released to the general public is the Quick2Judge Electronic Scoring System .  Thousands of people participate each year in some form of martial arts competition.  After doing months of research on the various electronic scoring systems available to martial arts schools, we have discovered these facts:

1) There are basically two levels of electronic scoring systems available, the medium size system used by several martial arts schools and the large size systems used by large organization to put on national and international competitions. 

2)  There are only a few choices when it comes to electronic scoring systems for the small to medium size martial arts schools.

3) Many of the electronic scoring systems currently used are either poorly supported or are no longer in business, leaving current owners without support and replacement parts.  Many of these past or existing systems either don't have websites or their websites are no longer working or not updated.

We have developed Quick2Judge to work with our own ergonomic controllers as well as many of the controllers from other systems.  Even those that are out of business.  Give us a call at (317) 514-5917 and tell us what you have.  You may find that we can offer replacement hardware. 

Your hardware is working fine, but you'd like more features and functions from your software?  No problem.  Our software can also interface with most of the hardware from other electronic scoring systems.  Again, give us a call and let us know what you need.


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